Duties and Responsibilities of Central Committee:
1. The Central Committee shall meet once in a month. The decisions made on that day with in the frame work are final. The Committee has to monitor all the committees in practicing two principles taught by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and Do's and Dont's of the Sneha Club. The committee is the disciplinary authority to sort out the issues.

2. The Central Committee is empowered to nominate / replace any all the committees for establishing new clubs, Zonal committees, Deputy Governors, Governors, Regional committee, state committees, and to establish offices at all over India.

3. The Central Committee co-ordinate with all the committees for organizing charitable activities in every month.

4. The Central Committee shall monitor day to day office work i.e administration, inspiring donors for conducting the services and action, donations and maintaining transparency.

5. The Central Committee shall relinquish to the portfolio either by demand from the members or on own whenever failed on attending to the activities / meetings so as to facilitate the others to continue the work.
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