About Sneha Club

Sneha Club is the first service club founded in India and spread all over over the world by the SC, ST employees with a concept of "Pay back to society" which was thought by Dr. Br.Ambedkar. The Sneha Members are volunteers who works locally, regionally to provide education, job training improve health and sanitation eradicat poverty in India

I solemnly swear on Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the Messiah that I can ever abide by guiding principles of love and generosity among fellow members of our Sneha Club in loving, cooperating and sharing woes one another respecting all the philanthropically donors and members of servitude of this organisation of broad perspective. I do state that I can, further, strive hard for widening the scope of Sneha Club in offering my helping hand to the real needy hailing from the under privileged sections following the maxim "payback to the society" trading on the footprints left behind by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.


SNEHA beholds a dual concept of social service and mutual help. Social service by lending a helping hand by all means to the poor people of the SC/ST community, emphasises education health and at the same time reminds them of their inherent humane values to the nation.


Mutual help amongst the members to establish a strong and wide network of SC/ST fraternity from all departments of government,non-Government and private sectors from all over the world.

However, it is essential to mention here that SNEHA encourages and inculcates positive thinking, scientific temperment and service motto. it strongly discourages a Negative roll of Personal, Official, Social criticisms and hence those dissatisfied members are free to quit the club at their will.

Serves Members

  • Marriage Bureau.
  • Moral Support among Members.
  • Cultural Programs
  • Family get together.
  • Home Services
  • Encouraging a positive attitude, support and
  • appreciate good acts and values.
  • Information about circulars and GO's

Serves People

  • Distribution of books & Establishing circulating libraries.
  • Long term/short term coaching for competative exams / written tests (Jobs)
  • Long term coaching for written test (Jobs) by adopting by Sneha Members.
  • Encouraging private employment & Enterprenuer ship.
  • Free Medical Camps.
  • Adoption of Slums & Villages.
  • Comprehensive concessional health cards.

Connects Members

  • Establishment of Sneha Clubs.
  • Sneha News Letter.
  • Telephone Directory.
  • Website & E-mails.


  • Encourage the club member for the benefit of oneself and all members.
  • What you can, for the club as Project Director of your own project.
  • Discuss for constructive development of the club.
  • Respect all donors active members for their contribution for what they donate to specific club/ unit for various programmes. It may be finalised in their presence


  • Criticise anyone to the extent of distinction to the club.
  • Discourage Project Directors for what they could do in their capacity.


  • If you criticise, you will be responsible to handle the task and present in a better way.
  • If you are accepting as a Project Director for any project, you are sole responsible for the project and your team.
" We are all one, and we will grow together"

Organization Chart